(WTVO) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that former Vice President Joe Biden shouldn’t hold any debates with President Donald Trump because “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him.”

Pelosi was at a news conference on Capitol Hill on when she said, “I don’t think that there should be any debates. I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him, nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States. Now I know that the Biden campaign thinks in a different way about this.”

Earlier in the week, former 2016 Demoratic nominee Hillary Clinton said Biden shouldn’t concede the race under any circumstances.

This led Republican National Committee communications director Michael Ahrens to tweet, “Democrats advice to Joe Biden: 1) Don’t debate. 2) Don’t leave the basement. 3) Don’t concede the election. Odd way to project confidence in your nominee.”


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