Poll: Majority of Americans oppose ‘defund the police’ movement


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A large majority of Americans oppose a movement to “defund the police” and some of its key goals, according to an ABC News poll.

Almost two-thirds of all Americans oppose the idea of defunding police departments, compared to 34% who back the movement.

Sixty percent oppose reducing the budget for police departments and reallocating those funds to other health and social programs. Thirty-nine percent support the idea.

Black Americans felt differently about the issue, with 57% agreeing with the concept of defunding police and putting the money toward community programs (64%).

An equal 42% of Hispanics support and oppose police defunding.

In the poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, nearly three in four white Americans and 57% of Hispanics are against defunding the police, and two-thirds of whites and 58% of Hispanics oppose moving budgets elsewhere.

Similar to black Americans, Democrats stand as the lone faction among the political tribes that approve by a majority of defunding the police (55%) and redirecting it to mental health, housing and education programs (59%).

But Democrats are more divided in their support than Republicans and Independents are in their opposition, with 43% and 41% of Democrats opposing both defunding the police, and using the money for other purposes, respectively.

Republicans, on the other hand, almost uniformly disapprove of defunding the police (89%) and redistributing money (86%). Independents largely fall along similar lines as Americans, with 67% opposing defunding the police and 59% being against stripping funding from police departments to boost community-based support programs


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