Powerball Jackpot Up To Record High $700 Million


The Blackhawks? No. The Bulls? Nope. The big story receiving ample amounts of attention across the region lately is the Powerball.

Ok, so maybe those teams are receiving attention too, but the Powerball is a very hot topic right now, which is not surprising.

A string of drawings without a big winner has pushed the new jackpot into unfamiliar territory.

In fact, as of January 7th, the new Powerball jackpot is a record-breaking $700 million, which has more Stateliners ready and excited to play.

“I’m just here to get a ticket like everybody else. I mean, it’s hot right now. And, yeah, I like to be like everybody else. See if I can win that money,” says Gilbert Campos, a local Powerball player.

And while the odds of winning the big prize are slim — one in 292 million to be exact — there are plenty of other prizes that have better odds of being won.

“You can win anywhere from four dollars to a million dollars. And you actually have the overall odds of winning a prize in Powerball are one in 24.9,” says Illinois Lottery official Steve Rossi.

So with the largest Powerball jackpot in history since the $656 million Mega Million jackpot four years ago up for grabs, I asked one Stateliner if he is excited for Saturday’s drawing.

“Of course. You figure, if two dollars can net worth you half a billion dollars, it’s definitely worth the two dollars,” says Powerball player Paul Gary.

By the way,  that jackpot was split three ways. One of those winners was from Illinois.

If you do venture out to purchase a lottery ticket, officials advise you to write your name on it immediately in case it’s lost or stolen. This action also helps preventing others from claiming your prize, if you do win.

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