SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — State Senator Sally Turner, a Republican from Lincoln, called on the Department of Insurance to investigate Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois after a Target 3 report revealed its customers were left with astronomical medical bills, or were left to navigate a ‘ghost network’ of doctors in a dead-end directory.

“I understand that people have reported that to the Department of Insurance,” Senator Turner said. “I would hope that the Governor, the Department of Insurance being under him, would see that this is a problem and investigate it.”

“Let’s get down to business and get this figured out,” she said. “There’s 110,000 people that have been displaced because of that. 650 doctors. I don’t know if that were my mom and dad, they wouldn’t have a way to go to a specialist in Chicago or St. Louis. I don’t know they wouldn’t be able to get there unless I personally could take them there. And they’re very fortunate for something like that they have a daughter close by. Look at many people in rural America, in rural Illinois, they don’t have that accessibility.”