SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A day after the Illinois Senate denied passage of a clean energy deal, Gov. JB Pritzker tried to revive talks today, saying the House and Senate could reach a deal in the next few weeks.

Stakeholders have already agreed to include $700 million in any deal for energy giant Exelon, which would keep three Illinois nuclear plants, including the one in Byron, open.

But, Pritzker did make an ultimatum after fossil fuel industries asked for more time to keep their plants open.

“I will not sign a bill that does not match the gravity of this moment,” Pritzker said Wednesday. “That means that a bill claiming to contain meaningful decarbonization measures, but does not pass muster on the details, and does not move us toward a clean energy economy is not a real climate bill.”

The governor’s office agreed to let two non-profit coal-fired plants stay open through 2045 if they can capture and bury 90% of their carbon emissions.