Pro-choice groups call on Governor Rauner to support controversial abortion law


It may feel like a case of deja vu at the Illinois State Capitol on Thursday, as pro-choice groups rally to call on the governor to support a controversial abortion law known as HB-40.

It may sound familiar because Governor Rauner signed it into law last year.

Democrats are throwing the rally, alongside women’s rights organizations. They say it’s important that they know that their leaders will protect a woman’s right to have an abortion.

The signing of HB40 allows for public-funded abortions in the state.

The governor signed the bill into law last year and has been facing a backlash ever since.

Pro-choice groups are asking the governor and candidate J.B. Pritzker to promise they won’t sign any law that repeals or changes the decision.

So far, lawmakers have not tried to repeal HB40. But, groups are calling for the governor to make this pledge if the landmark federal abortion case, Roe v. Wade, is ever overturned at a federal level.

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