Progress proven in Rockford in 2018


Transform Rockford’s executive director took time  today to talk about the progress being made in the city.
Highlighting key projects like the progress at the Rockford airport.
The organization is using the end of the year to reflect on the city’s biggest wins of 2018.
On top of it’s list a $450 thousand dollar grant from the Department of Justice.
The money will help the family justice center become a reality in the city, offering services to domestic violence survivors and their children.

“From our prospective a greater sense of alignment and collaboration and people seeing although we have significant challenges in our community but we can actually go about resolving these problems.”
Said David Sidney the Executive Director of Transform Rockford.
That collaboration led to the approval of the multi-million dollar Barber Coleman advanced manufacturing center.
The former factory is getting a 32-million dollar makeover with the aim to grow Rockford’s manufacturing workforce.
“All parts of our region are thriving and that project is a catalyst for that corridor. Investment that was already made with route two south main being re built and now we’re seeing a lot of projects come online in that area
so the community has a lot to be proud of.” Said Sidney.

Rockford is getting more positive coverage in nationwide media as well.
Readers digest named Rockford one of the top 15 places to move to.
The Chicago Tribune and travel weekly published articles also praising the city.
Transform Rockford executive director David Sidney says the future looks bright.
“That’s helping us as a community to have a much more positive voice about not only who we are but that we can become that community we are becoming  that community.” Said Sidney.
Sidney believes the city will see more progress in the area of neighborhood revitalization in 2019.
Saying this year’s success will serve as a catalyst for those kinds of projects.

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