Prophetstown man provides pizza, sleeping bags for 5 students stuck in the snow


A viewer contacted us to share this inspiring story. 

In Sunday night’s severe weather, Davonne Mclurin and four of his friends were traveling on I-80, on their way back to the University of Dubuque, when their car got stuck in the snow near Townhall Road.

According to Mclurin’s mother, Carla, they contacted the Illinois State Police, who told them the road conditions were too treacherous for emergency vehicles to reach them right away, and advised them to stay in their car and wait for rescue.

Carla said a good Samaritan named Thomas, of Prophetstown, stopped and tried to get Mclurin’s car back onto the road with his tractor.

When that didn’t work, Thomas invited the five students back to his house to stay the night, even providing sleeping bags and pizza for the stranded visitors.

Thomas arose at 5:30 a.m. Monday morning to fix his guests some coffee before heading out and, with the help of snow plows, freed the car.

“As a parent your worst nightmare is that your child will be stranded! You have all of these negative thoughts when it does happen, and as then you pray that God sends people like Thomas!” Carla said. 

“I am so thankful for him and with so much hatred in the world I am grateful that he or my son and friends did not see race or hate! He opened his doors to 5 black young strangers and I am forever grateful!” she continued.

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