Proposed Illinois bill would make LGBTQ curriculum mandatory in public schools


Illinois lawmakers have submitted a controversial education bill which would require public school students to take an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum between Kindergarten and 12th grade.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Anna Moeller, will teach students about famous people in history while acknowledging their sexual orientation.

Moeller says it’s an attempt to dispel negative stereotypes.

According to WICS, the bill’s largest opposition is from the Illinois Family Institute, whose spokesperson, Laurie Higgins, a cultural issues writer, says she doesn’t believe grade school is an appropriate time to introduce LGBTQ topics to young kids.

“They don’t have the moral maturity to distinguish between achievement and a critical view of someone’s volitional sexual activities,” Higgins said.

Rep. Moeller says the bill is important to bring school code up-to-date with the Illinois Human Rights Act, which protects against LGBTQ discrimination.

“Ensuring we are being honest and comprehensive in the history we provide will improve educational outcome and also have the benefit of creating a more tolerant, welcoming, inclusive state,” Moeller said.

Rep. Moeller introduced the bill once before, but it was not voted on. The bill is currently in committee.

If approved, the measure would go to the House for a full vote.

If passed, Illinois would become the third state in the U.S. to add LGBTQ curriculum to public schools.

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