Props from popular sitcom ‘The Office’ are up for auction


If you’ve ever wanted to recreate your own Dunder Mifflin Scranton office in your own home, now you can as items from the popular long-running sitcom ‘The Office’ are up for auction.

Props used by the shows stars, like Steve Careell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer and others look like normal office supplies, but you can also bid on Pam’s Reception Desk, Jim’s Desk Lamp, and Dwight’s Sales Associates Association Award 2008.

An American remake of a British sitcom, ‘The Office’ featured a look inside a fictional paper company, and ran for 9 years on NBC.

The items will come with a certificate of authenticity.

You can see the full list of items available here. The bidding ends Friday, October 5th.

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