Quadruple Murder Trial: Neighbor Recalls the Night of the Killings


The trial continued Monday for Calvin Carter, the man accused of a quadruple murder. Family friends and even one neighbor, who was there the night of the murders, were called to the stand. They gave their testimonials recalling the night, and victim Martia Flint’s relationship with her accused murderer.

“I heard Tia screaming and I heard her babies screaming,” said Candice Smith, Flint’s next-door neighbor. “Then I heard four to five gun shots.”

She said she heard a knock at the door and looked out the window to see a person wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt trying to force open Martia’s front door.

“If I’m not mistaken, I think I heard gunshots,” said Smith. “I know gun shots when I hear them, [but] I never heard them up close like that.”

Monday’s testimonies also included family members and friends of Flint’s. One long-time friend, Mary Njaramba, described the relationship Flint had with Carter.

“She’s usually a happy person and when she came in that day, she really wasn’t having conversations with anyone,” said Njaramba. “That’s when I asked her what was going on, and then she brought up the person that she was seeing at the time. There was some conflicts going on there.”

Investigators traced Carter’s phone to a house on 4th Avenue. Prosecutors say that’s where they discovered evidence, including a loaded gun, a glove, and a skull cap, which was found wrapped in a black hooded sweatshirt.

Marilyn Hite-Ross, Winnebago County Criminal Bureau Chief, says detectives found the clothing saturated and buried in a hole near a detached garage behind the 4th Avenue house. 

Martia Flint’s uncle, who had an outburst on Friday, was detained over the weekend. He was allowed back in the courtroom under the judge’s conditions that he remains calm and seated in the gallery. However, he said he did not feel comfortable sitting in on the trial.

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