Racist Cards Left on Windshields May be ‘Bait’ to Make People Sick

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Police are searching for someone who left a racist card on a windshield with a hidden side effect — it’s making people sick.

Investigators are warning people in Vermilion County. One of those cards was left on a car in a Tilton parking lot on Georgetown Road.

Police say it tested positive for meth and ecstasy. That’s what had people talking — and those who are affected are stunned this happened and say they’re confused as to why someone would do this.

“I was about halfway home I realized something stuck underneath my windshield wiper.”

Hannah Darr was just returning from a quick trip to The Big R when she noticed it.

“And all I could see was beware in big black letters.”

She thought it was just a harmless piece of paper.

“I tossed it on the kitchen counter not thinking anything of it.”

But soon after Darr had made contact she knew something wasn’t right.

“When I sat down for lunch I began to feel a little dizzy and disorienteda.”

She thought it was just exhaustion from a long day, until her mom came home picked it up too.

“Not long after that she began to complain about being dizzy and had all the same symptoms I had, I never told her the way I had felt.”

And the Darr’s weren’t the only ones — one of the cashiers at The Big R was helping a customer in line when he handed her a similar card.

“I was appalled when I saw what the card said.”

And it garnered quite a bit of attention at the store.

“I had shown it to several of the cashiers but one in particular held it and turned it over and looked at it.”

They say that cashier later dealt with the same dizzy feeling that hit the Darr’s, and Hannah Darr says — she hopes nobody else becomes a victim.

“I was really upset and disturbed someone would do something like this.”

Police said they were going to review the footage today.

If you see anything like this on your windshield — police say you should take precautionary measures and wear rubber gloves or use a plastic bag to pick it up and throw away.

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