(WTVO) — A push to move Illinois to ranked choice voting is gaining momentum in Springfield.

Ranked choice voting would allow voters to rank candidates on the ballot, instead of picking just one. Right now in Illinois candidates are elected by plurality, not majority.

Under ranked-choice, if a voter’s first pick doesn’t have enough votes for a majority, their second choice would then be counted.

Critics say it makes voting more complicated. Supporters say the change could help de-polarize elections.

“The person that comes out as a Republican nominee, and the Democrat nominee tends to be more extreme. And so then he gets around to the general and the more moderate voters come out to look for their candidates, they don’t find either candidate they identify with. I think this is one way to try to make the candidates more like the general populace, which I think is somewhere in between the two extremes,” explained Sen. Scott Bennett (D-Champaign).

Maine is the only state to have ranked voting.