Sunday morning, a Rockford Police Officer drove by the Winnebago County Republican Headquarters building to discover it had been vandalized.

“It’s hard, it’s hard to see,” says resident Tim Damn.

The word ‘rape’ was spray painted dozens of times covering the Winnebago County Republican Headquarters.  All sides of the building had the word in varying colors and sizes, along with a giant yellow “shame” and the date September 27, 2018.  Residents are still in shock.

“It just seems like crazy, and like out mad disrespectful,” says Fines Woodard.

Woodard actually saw some of the graffiti last night but wasn’t sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him, or if the vandalism was old.  “I came out and I seen shame because it was yellow with the light over it,”said Woodard.  “It was so dark that you couldn’t see and there was no light over here the only light was just under the shame part.  Sunday morning he realized what he had seen. “When I came today I see shame, rape, rape, rape I’m thinking like ‘oh wow, I wasn’t tripping last night” said Woodard.

Even though the building is home to several other law offices, to residents, it is the hub for local politicians affiliated with the Republican Party.  “Well there is, there’s a bunch of political signs around the side” Damn explains.

Police are still investigating a motive behind the defacing of the building and signage and are calling on the community to help.

“We request help from the public. If anyone has any information they can call the nonemergency number 966-2900 or Crime Stoppers,” saud Rockford Police Lt Dennis Oblinger.

Owners of the building were contacted but declined an interview. They did say this is the first time something like this has happened since they began ownership in 2006.