Rare ocelot kittens born at Arizona’s Desert Museum

ocelot kitten_1556222717512.jpg.jpg

The first ocelot kittens born in 24 years have been birthed via artificial insemination, according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

“Ocelots (Felis pardalis) are among Arizona’s rarest mammals. These medium-sized, short-haired cats are one of the 25 endangered animal and plant species that are represented in the Museum’s collection. Long term survival of a thriving and healthy ocelot population in the Sonoran Desert faces serious odds,” the museum said Thursday.

The museum says five kittens were born in March to the resident female ocelot, the result of a collaboration between the Cincinnati Zoo and the El Paso Zoo. Three survived.

The baby ocelots are not yet available for public viewing, but the museum posted photos to its Facebook page.

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