Rauner Praises RPS’ Career Readiness Program


Students at Guilford High School got a special visit from Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) on Monday.

Those involved in a career readiness program at the school showed the Governor all their hard work, and gave him a tour of the school.

“Guilford, I think, is a role model for what we should be doing more of,” said Rauner.  “Guilford creates tracks for students to choose among, whether for college or career, that are extraordinarily strong and well-organized and well done.”

Programs such as the Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial Trades and Technology Academy, or EMITT, provide a hands-on experience for students paving the way for either college or a career after high school.

“These are $40,000-$50,000 a year type of work, right when you’re late in your teenage years.  They’re good opportunities. And Guilford is leading the way, in showing how we can train young people for these kinds of careers.”

Guilford students say it helped them discover their true passion.

“At first, I thought I wanted to go into the medical field,” said student Margaret Heaslip.  “But, now I’m realizing I actually want to do engineering, math, and science.”

Fellow student, John Johnson, says, “Even if I end up deciding that this is not for me, I at least had that taste of it.  I know what to expect or what’s available.”

The students took turns giving the Governor a tour, showing him their personal projects and updated facilities. 

“I was touring the field house,” said Johnson.  “[Rauner] was asking about the additions to it and what it really freed up.  It kind of wrapped back around and free up space in the engineering hallway.  So, overall I thought it was very beneficial.”

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