Rauner vetoes plan to inform incarcerated voters of their voting rights


Governor Bruce Rauner has vetoed a plan that would have helped convicts vote while in jail.

The governor says he supports the idea in theory, but some of the mandates demanded in the bill went too far.

Rauner did keep a portion of the bill, allowing anyone in jail awaiting trial access to voter information and a ballot, but removed a rule requiring counties supply those leaving jail resources explaining their voting rights.

The Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray says there are still ways to get the information without burdening small local governments.

“We have lots of opportunity and we market these opportunities in a lot of ways – print, mass media, social media, you name it. We’re out there, letting people know what their options are,” said Gray. “If, anytime through the cycle of the year, they have opportunity to use our resources to be able to vote.”

Those who supported the plan argued many people aren’t aware their voting rights are restores once they leave jail or prison.

They believe it will help 20,000 people detained before trial to vote.

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