Red Cross Volunteer says Hurricane Aftermath, “Much More Devastating in Person”


Help is pouring into Texas from all over the country, including right here in the Stateline.  Red Cross volunteers are sending supplies and traveling to the hardest-hit areas.  One local volunteer has seen the aftermath of not only Hurricane Katrina, but Hurricane Sandy too and intends on making another trip down to Texas to help Hurricane Harvey Victims.

“I can relate to what’s on the TV, very closely, because I’ve been there.” said Rockton Resident, Mike O’Brien. O’Brien is no stranger to experiencing the scene of rescue teams and volunteers helping the victims of a hurricane.  He volunteered with the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  He says seeing what is going on in Texas is more than what meets the eye.

“What you seen on TV, it doesn’t bring it justice,” said O’Brien. “When you see the damage in person, it’s so much more devastating.”

Belongings floating through the water, uninhabitable homes, houses under floodwaters that were once homes, not just for people but animals too. Some videos show a dog sitting on top of a car, stranded and scared.  As those animals are rescued and taken to local Texas shelters, to be claimed by their owners, Friends Forever in Freeport has plans to retrieve dozens of cats and dogs that are already in Texas shelters.  Friends Forever Volunteer, Jody Modica says the shelter has plans to bring them back to the Stateline for adoption.

“This community, when there’s hard times or whether its here or thousands of miles away, they step up.” said Modica.

The shelter already has a van in Texas collecting dozens of animals.  Modica believes Friends Forever can help the rescued animals find a place to call home here in the Stateline.

“They’ve been traumatized. so, they might need a little extra work but we’ll find them good homes,” said Modica. “All of them.”

Friends Forever expects the animals from the Texas shelters to be here by Friday or Saturday.  The animals should be ready for adoption shortly after their arrival.

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