Registered Sex Offender Soon To Move Into Beloit Home


“I don’t even want them looking towards my house, I don’t want anything to do with them,” said Beloit resident Kay Shepherd. Her and several other Beloit residents are concerned after a second registered sex offender will be moving into a home on 2219 Euclid Avenue. Shepherd lives just next door.

“Now my grandson’s afraid to go outside,” Shepherd added. In a public meeting at the Beloit Historical Society, residents were informed on the future of 57 year old Kenneth Cairns. Cairns will be moving in on March 22nd. His sexual assault convictions date back to 1979. The move concerns even the police department.

“They’re more than willing to place a serious child sex offender next to kids. There’s no logical explanation for that, no one can explain to me how that’s a good decision,” said Beloit Police Chief David Zibolski. “I guess it’s okay if it doesn’t happen in their particular county of residence,” he added.

 A Douglas County judge decided to place Cairns in Rock County. While residents oppose the move, the Department of Health Services argue he will be heavily monitored. “The person could be revoked if they violate any rules, and either be returned to prison or be returned to Sand Ridge Center for future treatment,” said Alicia Boehme, a representative with the department.

Those rules include not leaving the home unless approved by the Department of Health Services for the first year and being monitored by a GPS Ankle Bracelet 24/7. “If one of these individuals cuts that electronic bracelet off and flees, the likelihood that they get away before any police get there is probably pretty good,” Zibolski said.

Zibolski says he has reached out to both cairns and Steve Schuelke who currently lives in the home in an attempt to get to know them. Both have declined. Shepherd says going forward she hopes both can be rehabilitated but is enhancing security on her home. “Looking into security cameras, and an underground fence for our dogs,” Shepherd said.

Cairns is required to attend treatment and a meeting with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections once a week. Eyewitness News attempted to reach out to the Department of Health Services for a one-on-one interview,  but they declined to comment.

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