Rep. Cabello Attending RNC Rules Cmte.

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As the nation awaits word of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s choice for Vice-President, Illinois State Representative John Cabello (R-Machesney Park) is in Cleveland working behind closed doors as a member of the Republican National Convention rules committee.

The meetings in Cleveland are closed to the media, Rep. Cabello sending ‘Eyewitness News’ this picture of RNC Chairman addressing the more than 100 delegates who make up the rules committee.

Cabello, a Trump supporter and delegate, says he’s attempting to fight back an effort by some to allow delegates to ‘vote their conscience’ rather than vote for whom Republicans in their state voted for in primary elections, a last ditch effort by those who oppose Trump to deny him support.

However, the latest polls shows more people are uniting behind Trump.

Several polls released Wednesday show Trump has closed the gap behind presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has been hurt by a scathing analysis by FBI Director James Comey of her use of top secret emails while she served of Secretary of State.  Comey, however, recommended Clinton not be indicted.

Wednesday’s polls show:

Eyewitness News will have a crew at the convention once it officially starts next week in Cleveland, as well as the Democratic Presidential National Convention in Philadelphia the following week.

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