(WTVO) — Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t new to controversy and a resurfaced 2020 video is making the rounds on Twitter.

In the clip from June 2020, Greene is at a Dalton, Georgia, city council meeting where she brought up the removal of statues such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Christopher Columbus was being discussed.

Greene claimed that she did not want any statues taken down as an effort to preserve history, even those she ‘disagreed with.’

Greene specifically named Adolf Hitler and “Satan himself” as examples, stating “I would not want to say take it down,” so she could “teach others about who these people are, what they did.”

Greene, a conservative firebrand from Georgia and ally of former President Donald Trump, has thrived on stirring controversy, pushing conspiracy theories and forcefully confronting her colleagues since taking her seat in the House in January. 

The video is being discussed as GOP leaders condemn Rep. Greene for comparing COVID-19 vaccine requirements to the Holocaust.