Report: Illinois College Students Paying Much Higher Tuitions for Less Instruction

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A new report put out by the non-partisan conservative think tank ‘Illinois Policy Institute’ finds that higher education spending has exploded over the last decade while spending on classroom instruction has decreased over the same period of time.

The report, “Pensions vs. higher education: skyrocketing pensions, bloated administrations are pricing students out of college degrees,” concludes that funding for higher education has increased more than 60% since 2006 with virtually no benefit to tuition paying students.

The report identifies three areas of cost concern … higher salaries, increases in administrative positions and exploding pension costs.  They found that not only have the number of administrative positions grown more than 30% in the past ten years, but more than half of college administrators make six-figure salaries.  That’s also putting extreme pressures on pension costs, which have risen from 20% of all higher education resources to more than 53% today the report documents.

As a result, students are paying more and getting less, the report concluding that average tuition has nearly doubled over the past ten years while the amount of money spend in the classroom has declined by 7%,

“Inflating university administration staff to such high levels and awarding such generous faculty and administrator salaries has raised tuitions to unaffordable rates and drained away state money, which should be going into the classroom,” said Ted Dabrowski, Vice President of Policy at the Illinois Policy Institute in a news release.  “Today, many students in Illinois are forced to take on crippling debt just to get an education. Higher education should never force that burden on a student wanting to learn.”

Governor Bruce Rauner is proposing a 20% cut in state funding to universities, saying they need to get their administrative costs under control.

You can see the full report here.

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