Report: Some people ditching smartphones as flip phones gain in popularity


Motorola is releasing a new version of the Razor. Samsung is debuting a foldable screen phone in April.

Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Cruise are flipping out old-school flip phones on the Red Carpet.

Experts say flip phones are gaining popularity because people are sick and tired of being barraged by content on their smart phones. Others say flip phones are more attractive because they are cheaper.

“I remember when the original Razor came out, everybody wanted to have it. It was beautiful. It could practically fit in your wallet,” phone repairman Tyler Thompson told WFLD.

“The value – just the fact that they don’t cost $8 to $900 dollars most of the time is what most people find generally attractive about them and they’re easy to use,” Thompson said.

Of course, Motorola’s new version of the Razor will go for $1,500. Samsung’s phone is set for $2,500.

But users of flip phones say it’s more satisfying to hang up on someone by snapping the phone shut, and say there’s no risk of “butt dialing.”

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