Representatives & Residents React To South New Towne Vote


Wisconsin developer Gorman is one step closer to building a low income housing project on south new towne drive after the codes and regulations committee approved the plat for the proposed 49 unit low income housing project. “What happened tonight is frankly something that i expected given the boundaries of the conversation.  It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t move forward with a much broader conversation about affordable housing,” says Mayor Larry Morrissey.

The plat would give Gorman the resources needed to have a housing project, such as water, sewer and electricity. Monday night’s vote came after aldermen held a closed session meeting to discuss a letter they received from hud and with pending litigation they say they felt the decision was out of their hands. “My idea of laying it over another week wasn’t to do anymore then to give as much maximum respect as we can to the residents of the ward out there in mind that was my only purpose behind it. Because we have been instructed that it’s a legal thing, and nothing we can do about it,” says Ald. Frank Beach.

Representatives and residents in the area of the proposed low income housing site say they believe there are better solutions for affordable housing in Rockford without having to build a new facility on the east side. “You have tons and tons of vacant houses, single family dwellings the solution should be based around filling in the vacancies that we currently have and allowing people to have dignity where they live,” says John Sweeney. “With houses that have been foreclosed and abandoned. I think they can fix them up for a lot cheaper than what they’re building these buildings for,” says New Towne Resident Val Goodman.

Some residents so unhappy with the proposed site — they’re prepared to leave the state. “I’m going to probably move to Wisconsin. My daughters already heading that way I just don’t want to live in area with so many more people in it. It was a quiet area and I don’t think it’ll be quiet anymore. The vote to officially green light the proposal will now moves to full city council and should it end with a 7-7 split, Mayor Larry Morrissey says he is prepared to vote yes. “I would definitely vote in favor of the applicant because i think there is zero discretion

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