Rescue Mission Feeds Hundreds at Annual Banquet


The Rockford Rescue Mission had an early thanksgiving dinner for those in need.

“We love you and we thank you for loving us first and we pray this… And everyone said. ‘amen!'” as prayer leader David and the attendees sang in unison.

After they counted their blessings and prayed, Rockford Rescue Mission volunteers are ready to serve plates to those in need of a nice Thanksgiving meal. The annual event is meant to bring the community together and support the hungry. It was a Thanksgiving meal that took both hours and weeks to prepare.

Head Chef “Big John” says he started cooking since five AM, but prepared everything three to four weeks in advance, all for the good of the community.

“A lot of them, this would be their Thanksgiving. So, [I’m] just trying to make it as special as possible as I can for them” said John Moore, Sr.

And for some – it was exactly that.

“This place really turns lives around,” said Paul Peterson, a worker for the Men’s Life Recovery Program.  “It opens up the doors.”

While opening doors – it feeds appetites too with 66 turkeys that were donated by the Beta Club of Rockford  and the traditional Thanksgiving sides like potatoes and green beans. Both of those helping with the feeding and those being fed all walking away with a warm feeling of thanksgiving.

“Just being able to be a part of something this big and this beautiful, it just fills our hearts to being able to see that,” said Crystal Savage, the supervisor for the Mission’s Women’s Program.

Volunteers at the Rescue Mission said they prepared to feed about 600 people.

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