Residents and Businesses Enjoy The Oddly Warm November


“You can’t beat the weather right now, it’s beautiful,” said Rockford resident Dan Pickerill. “I think everybody is just a little like, taken a back with how warm it is,” added Jessica Salisbury, General Manager of Village Green.

Rockford residents were out enjoying the weather this weekend, something we aren’t quite used to in the Midwest late in the fall. Eyewitness Meteorologist Candice King informed us that the November temperature thus far has been almost nine degrees higher than average. The first freeze of the season fell on November 11, far later than Rockford’s average freeze date of October 8.

“I can be outside and fix one of my outdoor containers, which normally at this time of year I would not be doing,” said Ruthann Bloom who was making a visit to Village Green to find Pansy plants that she hopes to keep until Thanksgiving.

The late gardening season and customers like Bloom, are something Jessica Salisbury at Village Green is happy to see. “The fall weather just starting is kind of nice for us actually, because it gets people out, people are still doing stuff out in their yards.” “We still have fall bulb sales, people are still out planting those, which is good, people are outside decorating for Christmas, our light sales are up,” Salisbury said.

Winter, however, will inevitably come. The key for Rockford citizens is to enjoy what sunshine is left this fall season, before big bad winter comes knocking at our door. “I think we should just be grateful that it’s warm out as long as it is, I like it better,” Salisbury explained. “I’m hoping we have a white Christmas, I’m not even sure about that,” added Bloom. “Winter is fine with me, so bring on the snow,” Pickerill added excitedly.


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