Residents prepare for weekend heat wave


With Winnebago County under an excessive heat warning this weekend — residents are preparing themselves for the temps.

One family took advantage of their local spray pad to stay cool — but say they have a plan in place to stay safe.

“We put on sunblock every time we go outside,” said Rockford resident Teyonna Taylor. “We keep it with us just in case we’re out. We keep ice with us, water bottles. We keep hydrated.”

Michele Berg says she loves being outside despite the heat wave. She says her go-to trick is being near water.

“[I enjoy] going out kayaking,” said Berg. “If you get a chance to go swimming, that’s a wonderful way! Get to your public pools, go to the lakes that are in the area.”

The American Red Cross says it’s important to stay safe while out during high temperatures. They advise:

• Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids
• Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol
• Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, clothing

“Just be careful,” said Berg. “Be cautious about how much activity you do. Take it in small steps, then rest and drink lots of water.”

Kevin Williams learned the hard way that the sun is nothing to play with. He says he was on the Rock River Recreational Path when he started feeling sick.

“I got overheated,” said Williams. “I guess I did a little too much exercise. I ended up having an overnight stay in the hospital.”

Williams says after falling victim to the heat — he’ll play it safe by staying indoors during excessive heat.

“You can enjoy your weekend,” said Williams. “But, come out at certain times in the day. Not when it’s maxed out with the heat index.”

Many cooling centers will be open for anyone in need of heat relief.

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