Residents React To Death of Rockford Police Officer


The neighborhood surrounding the scene where Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox was killed was lined with yellow tape and filled with police officers early Sunday morning.

“All of a sudden, I woke up to sirens and police lights,” said nearby resident Richard Robbins.

He describes the moment he heard commotion outside his window. Robbins recalls his neighborhood looking like a massive crime scene. “[There were] probably forty cops … in the area. They had their command unit on the scene and later, we did find out there was an officer shot.”

He says his street was on lockdown during the first hours of the investigation. “Within minutes of stepping out, one of the police officers said ‘Could you step back into your house? Because we have an active crime scene.'”

Officers were on scene for almost eleven hours. Some neighbors took the opportunity to show police kindness in the aftermath of losing one of their own.

“We brought coffee to the sheriff and police officers that are here at the crime scene,” said Kelton Busekros. “Because, we felt bad for what happened this morning. We felt like they needed a little encouragement for what’s been happening lately.”

Busekros hoped his small gesture could lift officers’ spirits in a time of crisis. “A lot of them are doing nice things and helping the world. So, if you could help them in any way they would appreciate it.”

And Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea is grateful for the community’s support. “We know many of you are asking what you can do,” he said. “Continue supporting us, pray for Jaimie, pray for his wife, pray for his family and pray for us as we get through this difficult time.”

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