Residents React to Town of Shannon Gas Leak


A town evacuates last night after a gas leak.  It happened in the Town of Shannon, on Stanton Street and IL RT 72.  One day later, the residents are still in shock.

The normally quiet Town of Shannon turned to chaos Friday evening. On Saturday morning, residents were still in shock.  After a gas leak caused the town of over 750 to evacuate.

“It’s very out of the ordinary,” said Deputy Chief Patrick Miller of Shannon Police Department.

“Nothing really happens in this town,” said Shannon Resident Jesus Hernandez. “I was sitting down watching TV, then I heard like somebody was welding.”

The leak started when a power line fell and struck a gas line causing a fire at along IL RT 72 and Stanton Street.  Residents feared for the possibility of an explosion.

“I figured it was the transporter that blew out, so i ran over here cause it was real loud,” said Hernandez.  “I looked at the telephone pole,and I saw the metal gray where the sewer system was at, seen the wire fall down, a huge arc sounds.”

Hernandez then called 911.  Emergency crews responded and evacuated the town.   First responders knocked on doors making sure everyone was out of there homes and sent them to local schools.
“we effected our evacuation policy telling people to move back,” said Miller.  “As the smell got a little worse we moved it back that’s why we ended up with half the town up at the junior high.”

Most residents were able to return to their homes by midnight..
“Everything went smooth,” said Miller. “All the agencies came together, the man power was right, it was a very smooth operation.  It just was a long time til they got every capped and done.”

“This was a once in a lifetime experience, you only see this on tv,” said Hernandez. “Towns evacuating and stuff like that. You never think this would happen to you!”

All residents were back in their homes by 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning.  No one was injured.

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