Residents welcome Halloween’s Michael Myers into Rockford neighborhood


He’s one of the scariest horror movie characters of all time.

Michael Myers is the killer in the popular “Halloween” movie series and now he’s making his presence known in a Rockford neighborhood.

In a video posted on Facebook, it looks like a scene out of the latest movie. But, the Halloween boogeyman isn’t roaming through Haddonfield, Illinois — but in Rockford.

Two sisters were driving down Cumberland Street when they made the startling discovery.

“We just see someone standing in front of someone’s car, just staring at the car,” said Natalie Adamany. “‘What in the world is going on? Then, I look over and ‘Oh my Gosh! It’s someone dressed as Michael Myers!’.”

Her sister Nadia didn’t find the run-in so amusing. She says she went into a panic when he started walking towards their car.

“I feel like it was just too real,” said Nadia Adamany. “It wasn’t in a Halloween haunted house setting so I was freaking out.”

But for Cumberland Street residents — it’s a Halloween tradition. Nearby residents say their teenage neighbor has been dressing as the movie serial killer for a few years.

“It’s a little creepy,” said nearby resident Kelly Largent. “But it makes me laugh because I know it’s just a kid messing around and being goofy.”

“I think it’s funny,” said resident Katherine Webster. “It doesn’t scare me at all. I mean, maybe the first year when it happened. I thought ‘Who is this? What’s going on?’.”

But not everyone in the neighborhood is a fan. Largent says some residents with children avoid him at all costs.

“Some people like it and some people don’t,” explained Largent. “Some people think it’s creepy and scary and are afraid of him.”

But Webster says those not from their street, like the Adamany sisters, have the best reaction of all.

“He pretty much just walks back and forth down the street. You’ll see people turning around like ‘Am I seeing this right? What is going on?’.”

Adamany believes the dress up is all in the spirit to get spooked and says she isn’t done with Myers just yet.

“I think it’s great too because the movie is just coming out now,” said Adamany. “We’re going to see it tonight.”

The newest Halloween movie is out now. But, AMC Theaters is asking anyone planning on seeing the new movie to leave the Michael Myers masks at home.

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