Who wouldn’t want less stress as we kick off the New Year?

Ann Sammon, General Manager of Betterlife Wellness through SwedishAmerican. She said part of living a more stress-free life is narrowing down the stressors to things you can actually change, and going from there.

Sammon said one simple way to reduce stress is, “Just breathing.” She pointed out that it’s easy and you can do it anywhere and “there’s some exercises we can help you with to do that.”

Another way to manage stress and improve your overall wellness is through reflexology. “It’s kind of like a lie-detector test,” said Sammon. “The therapist can actually tell by feeling the bottom of your foot what areas you’re having some trouble with and so just by applying pressure to those points you really can get some relief.”

Betterlife Wellness is located within the I.D. Pennock Family YMCA. It provides a range of services that include:

  • Wellness educational programs, classes and support groups
  • Screenings and health risk assessments
  • Personal health coaching
  • Weight management services
  • Nutrition education and healthy cooking classes
  • Tobacco cessation classes
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Reflexology
  • Young Heart for Life teen EKG program

If you’d like to reach out, the phone number to call is: (779) 696-9700.