It’s 2017, and many of us resolved to make this the year we’d finally get out of debt, or at least try.

Linda Heckert with Northwest Bank explained on Eyewitness News More Local in the Morning that the most common kinds of debt in the stateline include medical expenses, student loans and credit card debt. She suggested that “if there’s a way to consolidate them, put them into one payment.”

“Take your smallest bill, pay as much as you can towards that. When that’s paid off, then apply that same payment to the next bill and keep going until all the debt is paid off,” explained Heckert when asked about ways to tackle debt.

When it comes to saving money, Heckert said it’s important to pay yourself first, “put that money aside whether it’s a direct deposit into a savings account where it’s a little harder to get to but pay yourself first is one of the strategies I implement myself.”

Heckert also encourages people to invest in a 401k, a long term savings plan where you not only get a return on investment, but also your employer typically matches a certain percentage. She said it’s important to begin investing in a 401k as early as possible.