Riverview Elementary Students to Present High Tech Projects at State Capitol


    Students in Mrs. Meir’s 4th grade class create high tech book reports . After reading “The Red Pyramid”, they use technology to showcase their research of Egyptian history.

     Student Emma Daily says, “We are making our own website about pyramids and mythology and all this awesome stuff like traditions, holidays. It’s really fun!”

    After creating a website, they went a step further. Using the TynkerCad program, they designed pyramids to be printed on a 3-D printer.

    Fourth grader Brody Weber says, “I’ve been designing my pyramid and it’s pretty basic. I’m doing the great pyramid of Giza. The biggest one. I’ve put a lot of work into that with the surrounding pyramids with it. The tiny pyramids around it.” Brody says, “You can go to a voxelizer and it like pixelizes it. It’s kind of like Mine Craft.”

    Teacher Mary Jo Meir is a big proponent of technology in the classroom. She submitted their projects to the state for the annual “Students for the Information Age” TECH 2017. It’s an event in Springfield designed to raise awareness of how technology prepares students for the future. A group of five students was selected to visit the state capitol and show off their work.

     Meir says, “The kids will actually get to present to our senators and our representatives and possibly even the governor, we’re hoping. They’re really excited about that. And explain the project and explain how much technology has helped them in their education.”

    Mrs. Meir and other educators believe technology in the classroom increases student engagement and improves achievement.

    Principal Ryan Amendt agrees, saying, “Our district has taken the stance of we believe we need to take this technology and embrace it rather than fight against it. We need to teach our kids how to use it to be effective in school and whatever career path they chose down the road.”

     Meir says, “I’m so amazed with my students and incredibly, incredibly proud.”

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