ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Summer is almost here and people are taking advantage of the warmer weather at Rock Cut State Park.

Benjamin Koucherik traveled over an hour with his family for the experience of the Great Outdoors.

“It’s wonderful,” Koucherik said. “It feels so invigorating. The outdoor experience and the opportunity to try and enjoy life safely in the outdoors. It’s really rewarding and important, I think, for people to give themselves that release.”

The concession stand inside Rock Cut is now open, and the public can once again rent boats and fishing equipment.

“It’s good, when you’re able to help people get outside and have fun, introduce them to something new that changes their life, has a positive impact on their life,” said Rock Cut’s Kevin Versino. “There’s tangible, physical and emotional benefits to getting outside.”

Versino adds that bringing children to the park can help them develop a foundation which they can build off for the rest of their lives.

“By being able to introduce the outdoors to my kids, that’s a skill and a passion they’re going to take with them forever, and hopefully, if they choose to have kids one day, it passes on to their kids,” Versino said.