Rock Valley College President Holds Open Forum


“I can’t necessarily guarantee what the state is going to do in terms of funding. So what we have to do is plan for the worst,” said Rock Valley College President Dr. Douglas Jensen, to students at an open forum this Monday. 

Jensen addressed the students in hopes of creating more transparency about the many concerns and issues students have, the largest being the lack of state funding.

“That impacts us at the local college level because of the major resources that we receive from the state to deliver the resources that we need,” Jensen said.

Student Chelsea Eldridge said she was worried that the music program she is pursuing might not last. “At the rate things are going now, we could be looking at losing the program in a few years if nothing is done about it,” Eldridge said.

President Jensen said that the college is not looking to get rid of any programs, but says students need to express their concerns to college leaders.

“I’ve encouraged the students to make sure that they are sharing their opinions, speaking to the leaders, and helping us understand where the greatest needs are at,” Jensen said.

Second year student Ryan Wilcox said he hates to see professors and teachers leave because of the state budget issues.

“To see some of them have to be let go makes me really sad to see that because we’re losing really great professionals because someone couldn’t put a budget together,” Wilcox said.

Ryan appreciates the fact that President Jensen is willing to speak to and hear students’ concerns.
“It was encouraging to me to see that top brass leadership is all in the trenches with us trying to move through this money problem together,” Wilcox added.

It’s not just state budget issues, RVC could face a possible strike from it’s support staff union. Negotiations have hit an impasse.

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