ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, according to the 2023 Crime Rates in U.S. Cities Report.

The study, conducted by, analyzed FBI-provided crime statistics from 2011 through 2021 and separated the statistics by crime categories and city population size.

Rockford experienced the eighth-highest rate of aggravated assault among all cities and the third-highest among small cities (population between 100,000-249,99), according to the report.

At a rate of 1278 assaults per 100,000 people, Rockford ranked behind Little Rock, Arkansas and Mobile, Alabama in the small cities group.

Violent crime rates have increased nationwide following the pandemic. The study found violent crime rates spiked in 2020 and continued into 2021, reversing a decade-long trend of decreasing violent crime rates in America.