ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — As prices of nearly all Halloween-related items have skyrocketed this year, what Stateline residents are paying for pumpkins is slightly below the national average.

Local Walmart stores have just reduced their price on carving pumpkins from $4.98 to $3.98. Meijer’s pumpkins are $4.99. Woodman’s has medium carvers for $4.50 while Schucks is at $3.99. 

According to, the average medium carving pumpkin is currently selling for $5.40 across the country. The same pumpkin sold about $4.83 in 2021.

While most local shoppers say they won’t cut back on pumpkins this year, they are turning to other sources to get more for their money. That means growing their own or buying from places that farm them like Curran’s Orchard, Edwards Apple Orchard, or Lindberg Pumpkin Patch. 

At Edwards, any pumpkin larger than 6 inches in diameter is $5.99 or two for $10, a deal that could equate to half of what grocers are selling them for, especially on larger ones.

Lindberg sells carving pumpkins for 49 cents per pound, a price the Caledonia farm hasn’t increased in a few years.

“We grow our pumpkins,” said owner Amber Lindberg. “So, we like to keep it the same.”

Lindberg does have smaller pumpkins that are about 5 to 10 pounds and sell for around $2.50 to $5 each. But, even later in the picking season, 20- to 30-pounders, even 50-pound pumpkins or bigger are common. They’ll cost a little more but are often a better buy for those who want to go big.

Grocers will also put pumpkins on clearance as Halloween nears. As of Oct. 23, Woodman’s in Beloit is selling two large carving pumpkins for $9.

Retail experts say about 44% of Americans, or 148,881,831 people, will carve pumpkins this Halloween. With an average price of $5.40 per pumpkin, that’s $803,890,906.