With all the recent snow and ice, some homeowners are worried about the condition of their roofs, which could make them the prime target for scammers.

Storm chasers, as they’re called within the industry, are scammers who prey on people who suffer storm damage by rushing out and promising to fix a customer’s roof — but according to the Better Business Bureau, they’re just looking for cash.

According to the BBB, they go door-to-door, often in an unmarked car, and may offer to shovel the snow, or even claim they can see damage to your roof which they say they can repair, but only if they receive payment in advance.

Typically, they then leave with the money and without fixing anything.

Experts say a professional contractor would never approach a potential customer in this way.

“It’s rare that someone can drive down the street and look at a roof and tell you that you have this problem… They’ll take your money and run,” said Dennis Horton of the BBB.

The weight of snow can cause severe damage to your home. 

If you need snow or ice removed from your roof, Horton recommends that you call the professionals. Horton says if someone comes to your door with an offer, call the company or the BBB before handing over any money.