Rockford Board of Commissioners Announces Three Finalists


It’s been months since we’ve had an official police chief.

But after a meeting earlier, we are now down to the final three candidates.

The City of Rockford Board of Fire and Police Commissioners narrowing the field of applicants for the position of the Chief of Police for the city of Rockford.

“All three of them are exceptional candidates,” said Ian Linnabary on behalf of the Fire and Police Board of Commissioner’s. “With really extraordinary work history and qualities that we think will make any one of them a good chief and I know that the commissioners are all very excited about the pool.”

The three chosen finalists are Arthel Howell from the Racine Police Department, Daniel O’shea from the Elgin Police Department, and Douglas Pann, the current Assistant Deputy Chief.

“I think that it’s a great position to be in, and whoever comes in, I know that the organization is going to be successful,” said Pann. “So I just look forward to the opportunity to take a shot at it.”

 The finalists was selected after a thorough evaluation by the commission with the help of I/O Solutions.

 Each of them will be submitted to an intense day of assessments, including a meet and greet with the public.

 But more challenges await whoever takes over.

 “Everyone who watches the news, or reads the newspaper knows that we face challenges that face many urban communities in our country,” said Linnabary. “And so, the chief will have to hit the ground running, show strong leadership right out of the gate, but we’re confident that any one of the leaders identified can do just that.”

Pann says he is already familiar with where the force needs to advance, and wants a chance to continue to build with the Rockford Police Department.

“Any local candidate understands the community of Rockford,” he said. “Understands the challenges we face. Where those key relationships are, and who we need to engage in the community to move the community forward and reduce crime.”

On March 22nd, the public will be invited to meet each of the three finalists at the Nordlof Center from 4-7pm.

Linnabary told us we could have a new police chief as early as next week.

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