Rockford Citizens Gather to Honor Officer Jaimie Cox


The stateline community showed up in full force to honor Officer Jaimie Cox Saturday morning. Many lined up along the police procession route to share a message of support for the Rockford Police Department as they cope with the loss of one of their own.

A line of flashing blue and red filled the streets of Rockford. Police cars from cities across the Midwest were part of the procession for the fallen officer. Thousands lined up to watch, including the city’s littlest citizens.

“We are honoring our police officer Jamie Cox,” said spectator Amelia Hulsey. “He is a good police officer and he has served us good.”

Many wanting to be there first hand to show their gratitude for his service.

“We love him because he was a good police officer,” said Hulsey.

“You just support them because they are heroes,” said spectator Nicholas Bruno. “They’re out there risking their lives for you.”

Saturday also marked Veterans Day. Cox serving in the Illinois Army National Guard before joining the Rockford Police Department. One veteran says that makes his loss hit closer to home.

“I came out to support a fallen soldier,” said Navy veteran Rebecca Spriggs. “He was a soldier before he became an officer and so my heart belongs with him as a soldier.”

Some residents held up flags, while others held a hand over their heart as Officer Jaimie Cox’s casket drove by. They add it’s their duty as citizens of this area to pay their respects.

“Honor this man for giving the ultimate sacrifice for us,” said spectator Pam Swanson. “He did a lot more than stand in the cold for us. So, this is minor standing in the cold.”

“That’s why I’m here,” said Spriggs. “His life meant so much to everyone in this community.”

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