Rockford Doctor Performing Revolutionary Knee Surgery


A Rockford doctor is helping his patients recover from a major surgery in the comfort of their own home.

Patient Deen Hulstedd’s family room doubles as a recovery room, thanks to outpatient knee replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Michael Chmell of Ortho Illinois.

“It just seems so much better to be home,” said Hulstedd.  “I’m very pleased with it.”

Hulstedd is one of two patients that Dr. Chmell has performed the procedure on.  He says it has many advantages in both recovery and from a financial savings standpoint.  Hulstedd agrees that the healing process is easier in the comfort of your home.

“You can just get up and do what you want.”

Dr. Chmell says patients who recover at home are happier.  “A patient who’s content, happy, eating their own food in familiar surroundings is going to perform better with their physical therapy and the rehabilitation,” said Dr. Chmell.  He also says there’s a lower risk of getting injured at home.  “From a medical standpoint, the complication rates at outpatient surgery centers are much lower than they are at hospitals, particularly infection.”

A large component of the outpatient surgery is having a caregiver to help you at home after surgery.  For Hulsteed, that was his wife, along with in-home nurses.  He’s a little more than two months post surgery and his knee is feeling great.

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