Rockford Officals React to Accusations Of Cheating On Lead Water Test


Rockford’s water is lead free and ok to drink, according to city officials. This announcement comes in response to a recent report done by the UK magazine The Guardian, who accused the city of cheating a water test for the presence of lead.

Water Superintendent Saunders say the city has followed all necessary guidelines put in place by the EPA, and that The Guardian is referring to practices the Forest City used back in 2007 when rules were different. 

Saunders says, “In 2007, the EPA was still recommending the removal of aerators, and the pre-flush prior to the waiting period.”

Saunders says Rockford will not become a Flint, Michigan. Flint fell under national scrutiny after dangerous levels of lead were discovered in its drinking water.

He says, “There’s no need to compare us to Flint, Michigan. That was woeful, in the intent, and we’d like to make sure that we run a tight ship, and we do so according to our regulating agencies.”

Saunders says there have been no cases of lead poisoning in Rockford from its drinking water.

You can read the full Guardian report by clicking here

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