Rockford Planning Committee Approves Bike-Sharing Agreement


City leaders want to make Rockford more bike-friendly.  Rockford planning and development committee voted Monday night to start a bike-sharing program.  Lime-Bike is already in 45 cities around the country, and if it gets the approval of a full City Council, it could come to Rockford.

It’s billed as forward thinking, affordable and active. It’s limebike, a bike sharing program, that could come to Rockford without the high costs.

“They are dock-less instead of other communities that you’ve seen that you have to return your bike to a dock station,” said Mayor’s Office Representative Zach Wallace.  “Limebike will provide the bike-sharing services for our users, residents and visitors.”

Residents will be able to go from walking down the streets, to riding on two wheels.  As opposed to using public transportation, they’ll be able to travel on their own time.

“Leaving their home, getting to the public transit stop, and then from their destination getting there again, Limebike will help solve that,” said Wallace.  “[It will] help streamline their process of getting to their job or shopping.”

Limebike would also be available to visitors .

“As we’ve seen a lot  of our tourism industry picking up, being able to have that initial form of transportation is going to be able to see all the amazing site that we have to offer here in Rockford,” said Wallace.

Since there isn’t a docking system like other bike sharing companies, it’s cheaper. The bikes can be locked onto existing bike racks throughout the city.

“We don’t have any of that upfront cost,” said Wallace.  “There’s going to be no cost no subside that’s going to be placed on this city or the taxpayers.”

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