ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Resident complaints about the number of accidents on E. State Street have prompted Rockford Police to crack down on speeders.

“Fifty two?” Rockford Police Officer Stacey Beaman asked incredulously on Thursday afternoon, while clocking a passing vehicle with his radar gun. “Yeah, fifty two. Jeesh.”

The driver in question was caught doing 52 mph on E. State, near Shaw Street.

Guy Spinello lives in the area and says the stretch of State from 9th Street to Fairview is dangerous for residents and other drivers.

“They hit that traffic signal at Fairview and then they just really hit it, and it’s not unusual to see speeds of 50 to 55 miles per hour in that whole area, from Fairview to Swedish American Hospital,” he said. 

According to police reports, there were 119 accidents in the roughly two mile stretch during 2018. Police officers issued 842 citations in that time period, which average about 2 tickets per day.

On Thursday afternoon, Officer Beaman gave four speeding tickets inside thirty minutes.

“We’re aware that there is speeding,” said Sgt. David Nicosia. “Obviously, the numbers show there is speeding. We do put resources there and our main goal is compliance.”

State Street is one of the busiest roads in Rockford, and Sgt. Nicosia says drivers need to be extra cautious because of that.

“It’s part of residential, it feeds into businesses, it feeds from I-90 to downtown, so there’s drivers going every which way, and State Street is a big one for that,” he said.

With the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend and with the weather warming up, more officers will be on the lookout for speeders.

“A good piece of advice is: to stop speeding before it stops you,” Nicosia said.

Some of the drivers which were pulled over on Thursday were only going two miles an hour below what police consider ‘reckless driving’ speeds. Going 26 miles per hour over a posted limit is considered a Class A misdemeanor, which could cost drivers up to $2,500 and a year in jail.

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