Rockford Police credit residents for solving murder cases


The Winnebago County State’s Attorney announces dozens of charges in three different Rockford murder cases. Police Chief Dan O’Shea says the public cracked each one wide open.

“The arrest and culmination of charges against these individuals for the murders of a total of four people are the result of the tenacity and rigor of the [Rockford Police] detectives,” said Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross.

Rockford Police say it’s been a joint effort between the department and the community.

“The reason we’re solving so many cases coming forward and moving forward is because the community members are fed up as well and everyone is starting to call us,” said O’Shea.

Pop up parties have been a problem in Rockford for a long time. Back in March, Theodore Daniels was at a home on Howard Avenue when David Stephens allegedly shot him.

Quincy Wright is accused of pulling the trigger at party near Broadway and 8th Street where Shawnquez Edwards and Chiyara Nelson died.

“North, south, east, west. Everyone,” said O’Shea. “We’re getting more cooperation from citizens, friends, and family members of suspects in these violent crimes.”

Marquell Longs, Antonio Sago and Devontai Dotson are all accused in the November murder of Jennifer Jones. A memorial sits just yards away from the Citgo gas station on Auburn street where she was shot and killed.

“Behind every case, behind every homicide, behind every shooting victim, there is a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a cousin, a friend, a neighbor,” said O’Shea. “Someone that cares for that individual.”

O’Shea says although there has been progress, the work isn’t done until Rockford becomes a safer place.

“We need more people to call us.” said O’Shea. “We need more information but the people who are cooperating with us, who are speaking out, are sending us tips and giving statements to the officers, I can’t thank you enough.”

Stephens and Wright are already in police custody on different charges. Longs, Sago, and Dotson are still at large. Police ask if anyone knows about their whereabouts to call Crimestoppers.

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