Rockford Police React to Fallen Chicago Commander Paul Bauer


The impact of the shooting death of Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer, 53, is being felt in Chicago and far beyond.

Bauer was killed assisting tactical officers investigating a suspicious person at the Thompson Center Tuesday afternoon. The shooter is now in custody.

Rockford police know the emotional impact of losing an officer all too well, following November’s death of Rockford Officer Jaimie Cox.

“We will be sending our department’s honor guard to the services, [and] our officers will be allowed to go and show support,” said Assistant Deputy Chief John Pozzi of the Rockford Police Department. “It’s the least we can do after what they did for us when we faced a difficult time a few months back.”

Local police want to honor Commander Bauer’s sacrifice just as Chicago officers did with Officer Cox, Chicago officers telling Eyewitness News at the time why it was so important to come.

“We are all one large family in blue, what happens to them affects the rest of us as well,” said Chicago Commander Ronald Pontecore back in November.

So far in 2018 alone, there has been 17 fallen officers in the U.S. 12 of those were from gun shot wounds, a sign of the dangers police face every day and why supporting the families of those lost is so important.

“The passing of Jaimie Cox, Kevin Rice or one of the many officers who have died locally here in the years, you do reflect back and you think of their families and you do whatever you can to help keep their spirit and memory alive,” added Chief Pozzi.

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