Rockford Police say credit card skimming devices found on local gas pumps

ROCKFORD, Ill. - Rockford Police are warning motorists to pay attention at the pump after they recently found credit card skimming devices attached to some local gas station pumps.

Now, police are offering advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Skimmers are devices that collect credit or debit card information, which in turn can be used or sold by criminals.

Police have not revealed at which gas stations the devices were discovered.

Roscoe Police Sergeant Aaron Weber says it's important to pump gas at a station you're familiar with, so if something is off, it will be easier to spot.

When in doubt, Sgt. Weber says to use cash or call police to examine the card reader.

"You can go in, pay inside the store," he said. "You don't have to pay at the pump. I know it's an inconvenience because it's cold, but those few extra steps...go inside the store, give yourself peace of mind that you're not going to have to be dealing with the banks freezing your accounts, and then having to open a new account."





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