Rockford Police Take Family Approach to Fighting Juvenile Crime


The recent round up of juveniles provokes action by police officers.  The Rockford Police Department is taking extra measures to involve the families of the teens committing crimes.  

“What were doing is starting to monitor and taking a closer look at some of the names that are starting to appear in some of the reports that are juveniles,” said Rockford Police Department Assistant Deputy Chief Carla Redd. 

It’s an issue that’s becoming more prevalent in Rockford.

“Were seeing more juveniles involved in criminal incidents,” said Redd.  “Definitely with our property crimes, there have been an increase and we are starting to see some upticks in other areas.”  To combat the issue, The Rockford Police Department is actively working to change those statistics, by engaging in conversations with the offenders..

“District commanders are taking the lead in regards to assigning officers to go out and knock [on doors] and have conversations with the juveniles as well as their parents,” said Redd.  She adds officers are there to facilitate a connection between the juveniles and their families, whether it’s social or educational services and even employment.   “We’re working with some of our partners in regards to finding out what the kids may be lacking or what the parents may need help get better control of the juveniles.”  Redd says the approach could get to the root of the issue with the young offenders, which often times is because help is needed at home.

“I’ll tell you what, we were met with a bit of surprise, because I’ve had the lilberty of going out and speaking with some of the juveniles as well as their parents,” said Redd. “I can tell you from the parents that I have had contact with they were relieved and thankful”

Asst. Dep. Chief Redd adds the officers conduct follow up meetings with the juveniles and their familes.

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