The Rockford Police Department is asking for the public’s help in their efforts to fight crime, by purchasing another K-9 officer.

Sully is one of five dogs currently employed as K-9 officers by the Rockford Police Department.

“As long as we play games and give him a lot of love, he will work for us all day,” said Officer Jesse Geiken.

The department is holding a fundraiser to add another dog to the K-9 unit, since the specially trained animals come with a hefty price tag of $65,000.

“The dogs can do things quicker and more efficiency,” said Sergeant Duane Johnson. “We can have them go out and search for suspects who fled on foot, or look for evidence, and they can do it in a much quicker time than if we had four, five, or six officers kicking bushes, looking for them.”

Ofc. Geiken and Sully work the streets, spending time looking for drugs and guns. 

“Our job, when we’re not actively out on a K-9 call – when someone has requested us – is to do proactive policing and help with calls for service, so part of our responsibility is getting out in high crime areas, and seeking people out, and making contacts, and trying to locate narcotics and weapons and wanted individuals,” said Ofc. Geiken.

Sgt. Johnson added, “[The public is] going to see a reduction in crime, I hope, from the dogs. They are going to see a reduction in narcotics and gun usage. We recovered over 37 guns last year, illegal guns.”

The fundraiser auction will be held on Thursday, September 13th at Josef’s Steakhouse & Oyster Bar, 6860 Spring Creek Road. Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara and Police Chief Daniel O’Shea will be the celebrity bartenders for the night. Admission tickets are $75. For tickets and sponsorship opportunities, contact Kathy Hansen at 262.880.3977 or email