Rockford Publisher Reports on Alleged Prison Confession Letter by Steven Avery’s Cellmate


The publisher of a website covering news in the Rockford area has written an article about a letter which reportedly details how an infamous murder, which made national headlines, was committed.

The case is that of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man accused of killing and then burning the body of Teresa Halbach in 2005.  Avery’s arrest and trial became the basis of the Netflix documentary series ‘Making a Murderer’, which cast doubt on Avery’s guilt.  Avery has insisted he was framed.

The publisher of the website Rockford Advocate, Jim Hagerty, says he’s been given a letter from a source, written by one of Avery’s cell mates in prison, Joseph Evans Jr.  In the letter, convicted murderer Evans says Avery confessed to him in great detail how he killed Halbach.

“I think it’s a revelation of sorts,” Hagerty says. “That what this person has known for the last five or six years, because he found this out in 2010 is when he befriended Avery. I think it’s a revelation that he has knowledge that goes along with what was portrayed in the prosecution’s case against Avery.”

Evans’ motivation, according to the letter, which was written in August 2016, is to ‘get right with God’, Hagerty says, and that Evans wanted to set the record straight after ‘Making a Murderer’ was released and received widespread public acclaim.

Eyewitness News has been unable to verify the sometimes graphic details of the crime in the Advocate report, or whether the letter is genuine.

If you want to see the article and decide for yourself, you can find a link here, but reader discretion is advised.

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